Wes & Barb Reed specialize in Country, Classic Rock, Pop and Oldies music.  They divide their time between Arizona and southern Manitoba, Canada.  This dedicated musical duo performs at a wide variety of venues, and their music is tailored to suit the tastes of each audience.

Wes and Barb share a love of, and belief in the power of music to enhance everyone’s life.


Wes is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with over 40 years experience in the music business.  He has worked with many genres of music including Oldies, Country, Pop, R&B, and Classic Rock.  Wes has performed in California, Oregon and Arizona at clubs, benefit shows and private parties as well as backing other bands like the Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters, and many others.  He has a large repertoire of music experience to draw from to entertain crowds from large to small.


Barbara is a pianist and an accomplished keyboard player, and an accompanist at churches in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada and Arizona for many years. She has played jam sessions in Arizona, performing Country, Gospel, and Oldies music.  Barb provides the backup music for Wes in Arizona and at the Senior homes and local venues in Manitoba.